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A Family Business with an Emphasis on Service

Named after our owner’s two nieces, Kate & Jo's Coffee Co. is a family-owned business serving Los Angeles and Ventura. We thoroughly enjoy delivering refreshments to our clients.

We’ll do what it takes to ensure great customer service. We’ll drive our truck to your film sets, weddings, private, parties, and more… to provide hot and cold drinks to actors and crew members and catered charity events with large guest lists.

To fill your order, we only need an estimate of how many people you expect and the details of when you’ll need our coffee truck!

We’ll take care of the rest!

woman getting coffee at food truck

24/7 Mobile Coffee Service for Film Sets and Movie Sets

We can accommodate clients with unique needs.

No matter the hour, you can count on Kate & Jo's Coffee Co. to deliver a host of hot and cold options, including macchiatos and cappuccinos, blended drinks, smoothies, and more.

For instance, we’ve brought our truck to film sets in the middle of the night. During long shooting nights, we know crew and actors might need a pick-me-up. We want to provide it.

We have a comprehensive menu because we know there are so many unique people in this world! We provide:

  • Premium Roasts and Teas
  • Friendly and Accommodating Service
  • Creative Blended Drinks
  • Hot and Cold Options

Schedule our Mobile Coffee Service For Your Event Today!

Kate & Jo's Coffee Co. has over ten years of experience delivering refreshments throughout the region. Our mobile coffee store is chock full of delicious, high-quality coffees and teas. Quality is as important to us as customer service and flexibility! There’s a noticeable difference between mediocre coffee and out-of-this-world coffee, and we promise to deliver the latter! Whether you want to treat a small office of 20 or need to accommodate a large staff of 200, we can help. We’re committed to following through on our promise of quality coffee and tea, outstanding customer service, and convenience!

Ten Years of Experience Serving Specialty Coffee